任何时候,我可以使用校舍摇滚来解释复杂的法律问题,我一定要跳就可以了。今天是这些日子之一。6月9日,宾夕法尼亚州参议院和众议院通过Concurrent Resolution 836。The Concurrent Resolution said that the state of disaster emergency due to COVID-19 was over and that the Governor had been directed to issue an order endingthe state of emergency.

However, Governor Wolf claimed that the General Assembly did not have the constitutional ability to end the state of emergency. This argument went very quickly to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for a decision.

Finally, on July 1, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said that Concurrent Resolution 836 was not valid. Why?

Schoolhouse Rock on the Legislative Process

I do not want to discuss any political issues around the Emergency Declaration or the Concurrent Resolution. It is more important to know the actual legal reasoning behind the Supreme Court’s decision. The best way to understand their reasoning is to think back to the classic Schoolhouse Rock jingle, “我只是一个法案“:


Yes, I’m only a bill

And if they vote for me on Capitol Hill

Well, then I’m off to the White House


With a lot of other bills


As this catchy jingle reminds us, once a bill is passed by the legislative branch, it must be passed onto the executive branch to approve or veto.

Presentment: The Power of the Veto

The Supreme Court’s reasoning for invalidating the Concurrent Resolution was that the General Assembly could not “legislate” without giving the Governor a chance to veto their action. The Court’s decision is wholly based on Constitutional law and the separation of powers between the Governor and the General Assembly.


We express no opinion as to whether the Governor’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic constitutes wise or sound policy. Similarly, we do not opine as to whether the General Assembly, in seeking to limit or terminate the Governor’s exercise of emergency authority, presents a superior approach for advancing the welfare of our Commonwealth’s residents.

法院决定,大会不能采取任何行动没有给总督有机会否决立法。这个过程被称为“出示。” The Pennsylvania Constitution (just like the United States Constitution) has a series of checks and balances on the powers of the legislative branch (the General Assembly) and the executive branch (the Governor). Anytime that the General Assembly passes something, it needs to be presented to the Governor to either sign or veto. The Pennsylvania Constitution allows the General Assembly to override the Governor’s veto with a two-thirds vote of both chambers.

This process is the system of governmental checks and balances that everyone learned in junior high civics class. Or if you are my age, during Saturday morning cartoons.

The Supreme Court’s opinion talks about events that happened before the birth of the United States. It quotes James Madison and discusses the origination of the Federal and State Constitutions in 1790. If anyone is interested in constitutional law, it is an interesting academic read, especially with the Fourth of July coming up.

But the decision boils down to this:the General Assembly’s Concurrent Resolution is actually a “law.”Because of this, it has to follow the constitutional requirement of going to the Governor to make it effective. Since it did not, the Concurrent Resolution could not end the Governor’s disaster state of emergency.

艾伦海军陆战队员is an attorney at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。他在许多领域获得了法律学位恩大学和实践,包括商业,商业房地产,Land Use, Land Planning and Zoning matters

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned every profession upside down, including the law. People are in crisis, and they don’t know what they qualify for or what forms to file. After all, trying to keep up with188asia.comis a daunting endeavor.


I had the pleasure of sitting down with kid entrepreneur Bud Leggett, founder of巴德的旅行用品,回答这个问题。芽是曼迪莱格特,总统的儿子南方兰开斯特县商会

He wanted to know:

  • Is being a lawyer different in the red phase versus the green phase?
  • 你怎么去法院几乎?
  • Why do you like being a lawyer in Lancaster?
  • 和更多!

Find out the answers in Bud’s Interview below:

霍莉Filiusis a partner at Russell, Krafft & Gruber, LLP in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She received her law degree from Widener University School of Law and practices in a variety of areas, including采用and家规。

Soon, most of Pennsylvania will be in the Green Phase of the Governor’s Plan for COVID-19 reopening. If you are like me, you might be confused about exactly what the Green Phase allows.



  • Restaurants and bars
  • 理发店,理发店等。(和只接受预约)
  • Indoor recreation like gyms and spas (appointments are strongly encouraged)
  • 室内娱乐,如戏院,casinosand malls
  • 这是不允许与黄河阶段亲自操作的开放企业能拥有50%的占有率在试运行阶段

Open with Restrictions

  • Construction
  • Child Care
  • 企业该被允许与在黄色阶段50%占用打开被允许在75%的占用在绿阶段操作
  • Schools(subject to CDC Guidance)

Other Restrictions

Everyone should supplement these rules for the Green Phase with common sense. If you feel sick, stay at home. If you show symptoms of COVID-19,get tested。如果你有过有人用COVID-19密切接触,金宝搏网站get tested。If you have the virus or had close contact with someone who has, self-quarantine for at least 14 days. Make sure that all of your employees and visitors understand these rules.


Hopefully we will continue to move in the right direction to protect our families and ourselves while we slowly get back to normal.

艾伦海军陆战队员is an attorney at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。他在许多领域获得了法律学位恩大学和实践,包括商业,商业房地产,Land Use, Land Planning and Zoning matters

新冠肺炎-related laws and regulations continue to remain a moving target. The President signed into law the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (the “Act”) on June 5, 2020, and我们发布的亮点on June 9, 2020. A mere ten days after the passage of that Act, things have already changed, largely due to the U.S. Treasury issuing regulations on June 11th



The Act appeared to extend the application deadline for PPP loans from June 30, 2020 to December 31, 2020. However,在一份联合声明issued on June 8, 2020 by the Small Business Administration (the “SBA”) Administrator Jovita Carranza and the U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin, June 30, 2020 will remain the last date the SBA will approve a PPP loan application.

The Use Period is Not Optional


谁6月5日之前收到贷款的借款人,2020允许使用或者八周或24周的时间。然而,谁2020年6月5日之后收到的贷款借款人are required使用24周时期。这种限制可能是后面将要修正,因为它似乎违背了国会的意图向借款人提供更多的灵活性错误(更不用说完全任意)。

Additionally, the requirement that the borrowers use the funds by December 31, 2020 remains. Some borrowers will then have a use period of longer than eight weeks but shorter than twenty-four weeks, depending on when their loan funds.


of the funds for payroll-related expenses to qualify for full forgiveness of their loan. The forgiveness was reduced, but not eliminated, if the borrower utilized less than 75% of funds for said payroll costs. The Act changed that requirement to 60%, but early interpretations of the Act concluded that it was now a cliff (meaning that there was no availability of partial forgiveness).

This is apparently not the case. Instead,第一次临时最终规则规定,借款人仍然有资格享受部分减免,如果他们使用他们的贷款资金不到60%的工资相关的费用。

Spin the Wheel, Get a Maturity Date!

In another turn of events, also hopefully in error, there are now two minimum maturity dates for PPP loans. The Act extended the minimum maturity from two years to five years, apparently for all borrowers. Unfortunately, this appears to not be the case anymore.

The First Interim Final Rule issued guidance to lenders that loans approved

  • before June 5, 2020 will have a two-year maturity
  • on or after June 5, 2020 will have a five-year maturity.
  • Note: The approval is based on the date SBA assigns a loan number to the loan.

For borrowers who do not qualify for the new five-year minimum maturity date, banks and borrowers can同意to extend the maturity date on the loans to a period longer than two years. However, it is counterintuitive to permit two different maturity dates for the same loan program and, of course, puts all the power in the hands of the banks who already are anxious to get these loans off their books.

Ex-Felons May Now Apply

Prior to June 12, 2020, individuals who had felony convictions within the past five years did not qualify for a PPP loan. Now individuals with felony convictions can apply so long as the conviction was not within the past year.


Although these may not be the last of the Paycheck Protection Program changes, rest assured that we will continue updating you with what you need to know.

蔻贝尔is an attorney at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。She received her law degree from Stetson University, College of Law and practices in several areas, including商业,商业房地产,遗产规划, andEstate Administration

The popularPaycheck Protection Program(the “PPP”) created by the CARES Act is coming to an end. Time is running out to take advantage of this program. The upcoming deadline to apply for a PPP loan is June 30, 2020. However, many banks are requiring applicants to submit their application prior to the June 30thdeadline.

  • Citizens Bank被需要的PPP应用程序由下午4时提交6月17日th
  • Bank of America, N.A。told customers to submit PPP applications by 5 p.m. on June 15th
  • 埃夫拉塔国家银行has not set a deadline but is suggesting that customers submit applications by June 23rdto allow sufficient time for processing.
  • According toPNC银行网站,他们不再采取任何额外的应用程序。

Around $130 billion remains available for PPP loans. Congress has had some limited discussion on what will occur if there are funds still available when the program ends. Congress may even extend the program until the funds are depleted. As of the date of this blog post, though, nothing has been determined.

If you have not already applied for a PPP loan and still wish to do so, contact your local bank as soon as possible.Search the Lancaster Law Blogfor more information about the Paycheck Protection Program to see if it can help your business.

蔻贝尔is an attorney at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。She received her law degree from Stetson University, College of Law and practices in several areas, including商业,商业房地产,遗产规划, andEstate Administration

这篇文章是我们正在进行一系列的翻译宾夕法尼亚诉讼的律师胡言乱语到的东西可以理解的一部分。对于以粗体显示的术语的定义,请查看post that launched this series。该系列中的帖子的列表也是在本文的结尾。

So, we’ve made it to the final countdown:trial。It’s time for winners (and losers) to be decided. Only a small fraction of cases make it this far. For example, in 2018 here in Lancaster County,只有72对案卷的4306民事案件(1.6%)进行了尝试。和大多数这些都是由仲裁委员会处理。在大多数情况下are settled要么are resolvedthrough dispositivemotions



The most common form oftrialis not truly a trial at all. For cases with less than $50,000 in dispute, the case is submitted to a panel of three arbitrators. (This amount varies from county to county, but this is Lancaster County’s line.) The arbitrators are experienced lawyers who hear testimony and evidence from all sides then reach a collective decision. No judge will be present for the arbitration.

The advantage to arbitration is that you get a decision much faster than waiting for aCourt of Common Pleas判断可用。

Trial (Jury and Non-Jury)

The traditional法律和秩序styletrial是另一种选择。案件总值超过仲裁限制或要求禁令救济去这里。禁令救济是当你要求法院发出命令强迫别人去做什么事情(像下车你的财产),或不做某事(如回来未经您的许可)。

There are two flavors oftrial

A jurytrialis when a group of citizens act as the decision-makers. The judge is in the courtroom to rule on objections and control the proceedings, but the jurors make the ultimate decision. You will not always have a jury with 12 members like you see in the movies.

非陪审团trial是当法官的行为既能控制程序,并作出最终决定。有战略上的理由,要求陪审团或无陪审团trial, so talk with your lawyer about this at the very beginning of your case (you have to ask when youfile your first documents)。

The Big Decision

Whether you are in an arbitration or atrial, typically, theplaintiffmust prove each claim by “a preponderance of the evidence.” This standard is lower than you will see in criminal cases (which are decided “beyond a reasonable doubt”).

An easy way to remember “a preponderance of the evidence” is that it means more likely than not or 51% sure. So if more than half of the arbitrators or jurors agree with you, you win! And they do not have to be absolutely certain you are right; just that it is more likely you are right.

There are a handful of claims where the burden shifts between the parties or a higher burden applies, so confirm with your lawyer what the standard is for your case.

的决定,是否由一个仲裁小组,判断,或陪审团,被转换为judgment。Thisjudgmentis filed of public record in the courthouse.



从仲裁,你呼吁Court of Common Pleas

From a试验中,you appeal to one of Pennsylvania’s intermediate appellate courts, the Pennsylvania Superior Court or the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

Examples of errors might be that the arbitrators or judge did not let you use a certain witness or piece of evidence. Or that the wrong legal standard was read to the jury.

Just remember that “I think they got it wrong” is not a reason for an appeal. You get only one bite at the apple. So put your best foot forward at the arbitration ortrial。And if you are worried the case is not going well for you? You can always agree to a沉降even after thetrialstarts…


Brandon Harteris a litigator and technology guru at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。He received his law degree from William & Mary Law School and advises clients on issues ofCivil Litigation & Dispute Resolution,Municipal Law和椅子公司的Tech Law Group

More small business relief has arrived! On Monday, June 8, 2020, Governor Wolf announced additional relief for small businesses in Pennsylvania. The relief funding consists of $225 million of the $4 billion provided to the Commonwealth through the CARES Act. In addition, the Lancaster County Small Business Recovery and Sustainability Fund is also launching grants to local businesses.


从州长沃尔夫国家救济不包括贷款的;相反,该基金将包括赠款申请。然而,社区和经济发展的宾夕法尼亚部门(以下简称“PA DCED”),将不对其进行管理。相反,一系列被称为社区发展金融机构(以下简称“CDFI”),如社区第一基金非营利性贷款的,将被处理的资金。

The Governor announced in a press conference on Monday that the goal of the program is to help small businesses that have not been helped from earlier efforts, including the Paycheck Protection Program. There will be a common application created for the CDFIs to use, and it should be ready by the end of June.

The state will divide the relief into three programs:

Historically Disadvantaged Business Revitalization Program

This program offers $100 million for small businesses:

  • 经历过亏损的订单的结果关闭所有非寿险业务持续
  • that have or will incur additional costs in order to adapt to new business operations due to COVID-19, and
  • where socially and economically disadvantaged individuals own at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the companyand控制管理和日常运营。

Main Street Business Revitalization Program

The next program offers $100 million for small businesses that realized a loss as a result of the order to close all non-life sustaining businessesandhave or will incur additional costs in order to adapt business operations due to COVID-19.

Loan Payment Deferment and Loss Reserve Program

The final program will provide $25 million to the CDFI, which will allow the CDFI’s to offer forbearance and payment relief to existing borrowers of the CDFI. The intention is that these funds are for borrowers of the CDFI who are struggling due to COVID but also to provide support to the CDFI’s who are experiencing increased borrower defaults.

Grants will be capped at $50,000 per applicant. The Governor has not yet announced the priority of awards but has stated that they will not be on a first-come, first-serve basis. To qualify, businesses must have less than 25 employees and less than $1 million in annual sales plus have been in operation as of February 15, 2020. All applicants must submit a recent tax return.

Recipients should use the grant funds to cover operating expenses during the shutdown and to transition a small business for re-opening. They may also use grant funds for technical assistance, such as training and guidance for business owners.

Local Relief

In addition to the CDFI’s management of these new state programs, Lancaster County launched a当地企业的新网站申请免费的个人防护设备(“PPE”)。企业必须少于100名员工申请。

Lancaster County also received $25 million of federal aid, which the Lancaster County Small Business Recovery and Sustainability Fund (the “Fund”) will administer as grants to local businesses.

Phase I


The application for this phase will go live on Monday, June 15, 2020 at 7 a.m. The grants provided will not be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Phase II

The Fund has not yet finalized details for Phase II, but there should be an additional $10 million aimed at small businesses with 100 or less employees.


要了解更多关于第一阶段的应用,金宝搏网址clickandfor their summary sheet

To read other news about more small business relief during COVID,click here for my blog post on recent updates to the Paycheck Protection Program

蔻贝尔is an attorney at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。She received her law degree from Stetson University, College of Law and practices in several areas, including商业,商业房地产,遗产规划, andEstate Administration

On June 3, 2020, the U.S. Senate passed H.R. 7010, the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 (the “Act”). President Trump then signed it into law 2 days later. The Act makes significant changes and updates to片酬保护计划(the “PPP”).


  • Increased Time to Use Funds:The Act has modified the time allowed by borrowers to use PPP loan funds from eight weeks to twenty-four weeks. Borrowers can still elect to use the eight-week period. [June 16, 2020 Updated – based on new guidance from the U.S. Treasury only borrowers who received funds prior to June 5, 2020 may elect between the two use periods. Borrowers who receive funds on or after June 5, 2020 must use the twenty-four week period].
  • 降低工资的资金金额– Prior to the Act, PPP borrowers had to use at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the funds for payroll-related expenses as discussed prior (to qualify for forgiveness). The Act changed that to sixty percent (60%).
    • There is a catch here. The prior law permitted partial forgiveness if a borrower used than 75% of funds for payroll costs. Now under the Act, forgiveness is eliminated entirely if less than 60% of funds are used for payroll-related expenses. [June 16, 2020 Updated – based on new guidance from the U.S. Treasury, partial forgiveness will be permitted for those who use less than 60% of loan funds for payroll-related expenses].
  • Two New Ways to Get Forgiveness– The Act provides two new exceptions for borrowers looking to obtain full forgiveness of their PPP loan aimed specifically at borrowers who have not been able to restore their workforce numbers. The amount of loan forgiveness under these exceptions will be determined without a reduction in the number of full-time equivalent employees (the “FTE”) if the borrower, in good faith, can document:
    • 一个无法重新雇佣的个人谁是2020年2月14日,借款人的员工,无力聘请为2020年12月31日或之前空缺职位同等资格的人员;要么
    • 一个无法恢复到2020年2月15日或之前业务运营的同级别由于遵守2020年3月1日至2020年12月31日,通过与HHS,CDC,或OSHA发布了指导本指导必须与维修标准对于卫生,社会隔离,或因为COVID-19的任何其他工作人员或客户的安全要求。请注意,这个例外似乎没有考虑到国家限制和指导,降低了业务运营。
    • Note:Prior guidance also allowed borrowers to exclude from their forgiveness calculations those FTE who turned down “good faith” offers to be rehired at the same hours and wages as prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • An Extended Repayment Period– The maturity of the PPP loans were extended from two years to five years. The interest rate remains at 1%. [更新2020年6月16日 - 根据来自美国财政部新的指导,只有谁6月5日或之后收到的资金借款,2020年将获得五年的新任期到期。
  • An Extension to the 6-Month Deferral Period– The six-month deferral in payment has been extended as well. Now the deferral period is either (1) until the date on which the amount of forgiveness determined under the CARES Act is remitted to the lender or (2) for borrowers who are not asking for forgiveness, ten months.
  • 更改截止到恢复劳动工资的预COVID水平– Borrowers can restore their workforce levels and wages to pre-COVID levels over a twenty-four-week period, another component for full forgiveness of the PPP loan. Prior law required borrowers to restore workforce levels and wages by June 30, 2020; it is now December 31, 2020.
  • Permitted Delay in Paying Payroll Taxes- 借款人可以使用PPP贷款和拖延偿还工资税。


蔻贝尔is an attorney at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。She received her law degree from Stetson University, College of Law and practices in several areas, including商业,商业房地产,遗产规划, andEstate Administration

With the entire state in at least the Yellow Phase of reopening as of this Friday, bars, restaurants, breweries, distilleries, and others188app下载在某些能力。

You must plan carefully before June 5th最大限度地提高您的户外休息区,提供堂食安全服务,并有客户体验是积极的。

Yellow Phase

In the Yellow Phase, outdoor dining, subject to occupancy restrictions below, is permitted. Guests must be seated at tables. Bar seating or service is not permitted in any capacity.





Occupancy Limits

在绿色和黄色的阶段,occupancy restrictions in place for how many seats or persons you may have inside or outside. Right now, the guidance issued by the Governor’s Office provides 2 methods to calculate your maximum occupancy.

You must adhere to the这两种计算:

Method 1

50% of permitted fire occupancy or 12 people per 1,000 square feet if there is no fire code number available. For many outdoor seating areas, there will not be a fire code available, which currently means that you are limited to 12 people per 1,000 square feet.

This requirement is VERY limiting, so plan accordingly.

Method 2

Arrange the restaurant or food service area so that customers seated at tables are not within 6 feet of one another in any direction. Calculate the number of customers that can be accommodated using this layout.

There is a push to have this occupancy restriction relaxed to allow for you to use either of the above calculations. But right now, you are to use whichever method provides for fewer people.

总督的指导,在餐饮业重开企业includes additional detail and guidance for dine-in service.

Word is that the Department of Agriculture and the State Police – Bureau of Liquor Enforcement will be monitoring and inspecting to ensure compliance. How they will do that is anyone’s guess, but you should presume they will inspect you and plan accordingly.

Liquor License Expansions: PLCB’s Streamlined Application

Earlier today, the PLCB announced a streamlined application process to expand your licensed premises, including additional outdoor seating areas. To complete the application, you should log onto yourPLCB +帐户and select the option to add an “Emergency Temporary Extension of Premises.”

Please also remember to print the confirmation page once you submit the application. That confirmation acts as your temporary approval.

The PLCB has said they will permit the use of parking lots, yards, and other non-traditional areas to be licensed. Please beware that the areas you wish to add have to be “immediate, abutting and adjacent” to your current licensed areas. This means you could not license a parking area or yard that is across the street or down the block from your facility.

This is a temporary approval that will expire at some point later in the year and the PLCB has waived any fees associated with this emergency application.

If you are going to be using municipal-owned space (public sidewalks, parks, streets) as your serving areas, you will also need to upload with your application a letter from the municipality indicating its approval. That letter does not have to be specifically addressed to you but can be in the form of an ordinance or generic approval to all restaurants in the municipality.

Other Approvals You May Need

Municipal Approval


Typically, the required number of spaces is calculated based on the number of seats plus a certain number of employee spaces. Consider how many spaces you are taking away and how that will impact your parking needs.

Lancaster City’s Temporary Sidewalk Café Permit Authorization

一些城市正在积极的金宝搏网址need for expanded outdoor seating. Lancaster City just announced that on Friday morning, they will approve an ordinance permitting all restaurants to temporarily use sidewalks, certain parking areas, and in some cases streets for outdoor dining.Here’s a link to their Temporary Sidewalk Café Permit application


这个城市我也要求申请人签署ndemnification agreement holding the City harmless from the activities occurring in these areas.


You may also need to seek approval from your landlord to expand your seating areas. You should review your lease and consider whether you need any additional approvals from your landlord.

Updating Your Insurance

Please also be sure to notify your insurance carrier of any additional outdoor seating areas. Especially for those with Liquor Liability Coverage, your policy typically requires you to notify your carrier of the areas where you provide alcohol service.


如果您需要帮助导航所有这些问题,金宝搏网站联系您的律师, and they can guide you through the process.

Aaron Zeameris an attorney at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。He practices in a variety of areas, including商务法and Liquor License matters. Aaron works frequently with commercial real estate agents, brokers, restaurant and bar owners, breweries, distilleries, and wineries to facilitate the sale and transfer of PA liquor licenses.

Senior year is a rite of passage for high school students and is typically filled with special memories like prom, celebrations with friends, and of course, that walk across the stage signifying the culmination of 12 years of hard work. For the 2020 graduates, though, this year has been1888金博宝

Front yards are filled with signs congratulating graduates. Social media is stuffed with pictures of graduates in their cap and gowns donning masks. And even graduations are being held virtually. I’m sure we’ve all seen the advertisements selling special mementos to commemorate the unusual times we are currently in. My personal favorite is the t-shirt crowning the graduating class of 2020 as Senior Skip Day Champions. That they are!

Russell, Krafft & Gruber is proud to celebrate five very special seniors in the firm’s family.



Jimmy Hickey, 2020 graduate

Jimmy Hickeyis the son of Nancy Hickey, a paralegal at Russell, Krafft & Gruber. Jimmy is graduating from Gettysburg College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Spanish. He is currently relocating to Boulder, Colorado to secure employment.


Ben Marines亚伦的儿子是海军陆战队,罗素的合作伙伴,金宝搏网站Krafft & Gruber. Ben is graduating from Hempfield High School and was a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. He will be attending Penn State University, where he will be majoring in Engineering.


Gabriella Peifferis the daughter of Doug Peiffer, a paralegal at Russell, Krafft & Gruber. Gabriella is graduating from Donegal High School. She will be attending Millersville University, where she will majoring in Respiratory Therapy.

Elizabeth Vanasse, 2020 graduate

Elizabeth Vanasse是朱莉Vanasse,罗素,克拉夫特和格鲁伯律师的女儿。金宝搏网站伊丽莎白毕业以优异成绩从威廉和玛丽学院有双学位英语和法语和法语研究。她当选菲贝卡和将参加法里士满大学医学院在秋天。


We all have a special memory from our own graduations. I’ll share a unique tidbit from mine. As the President of the School Board for Ephrata Area School District, my dad and Russell, Krafft & Gruber attorney,Gary Krafft,将发表演讲,并在毕业分发文凭。

每一年,他从嵌入式Pink Floyd和齐柏林飞艇乐队的歌曲几励志行到他的讲话。没有多少知道他这样做,但我做到了,它使这一切更特别听他被转发到我和我的同学们的消息。


We at Russell, Krafft & Gruber, LLP, would like to take this opportunity to send a special message to all the 2020 graduates. While you have been faced with obstacles and have been deprived of so many special memories during your senior year, you have persevered and handled these unusual times with grace and determination. Best of luck to all the graduating seniors of 2020! We wish you all success and happiness as you start this next phase of your life.

To follow in my dad’s footsteps, Led Zeppelin says it best,


Despite the obstacles and curveballs you encounter along the way, keep moving forward and never give up!

Kathleen Krafft Milleris an attorney at金宝搏网站罗素,克拉夫和格鲁伯,LLP在兰开斯特,宾夕法尼亚州。她从威得恩大学获得了法律学位,经常就有关法律问题的个人family law and domestic relations issues