This post is part of our ongoing series translating the lawyer-gibberish of Pennsylvania lawsuits into something understandable.For the definitions of the terms in bold check out发布这个系列的帖子.A list of the all of the posts in the series is at the tail end of this article.

So it's time to go to theCourt of Common Pleas.是否you tried other steps first或者选择从这里开始,今天,我们将介绍诉讼双方如何为他们的索赔和辩护奠定基础。

Complaint,Answer,and Reply

两个Plaintiff以及Defendantin a lawsuit describe their claims and defenses,respectively,在名为“的文档中恳求。”这只是一种法院文件的法律依据,它用广泛的笔触描述了当事人的立场。如果一切顺利,您可以期望此过程:

  1. Filing the Complaint-Plaintiff从提交Complaint.这个Complaint需要概述争议的基本事实以及Plaintiff想要得到。
  2. 送达投诉-Plaintiff服务于Complainton theDefendant.In general,this must be done by having someone from the Sheriff's Office hand deliver a copy of theComplaint.
  3. 检查默认值-Defendantmust respond to theComplaint在收到副本后20天内。If he or she does not,这个Plaintiffcan send a warning called a"Notice of Default."If theDefendant仍然没有反应,10 days after sending the Notice of Default thePlaintiff可以请求违约判决.
  4. 回答投诉-Defendantresponds to each of the numbered paragraphs in theComplaintin a document called an回答.所以第1段回答响应第1段Complaint,等等。
  5. 提出新问题-回答可能还包含两种类型的语句,而不是对Complaint.The first is called"新事物,"哪些是新的事实Defendantthinks are important but that thePlaintiff被遗弃的新事件也可能包含某些类型的法律辩护。第二种类型是“反诉,"which are legal claims back against thePlaintiff.Counterclaims are claims that could have been raised by theDefendant在一个Complaint.但不是同时提起两起诉讼,双方的索赔立即得到处理。
  6. 应对新问题– If the被告的回答has New Matter or Counterclaims,这个Plaintiff记录他或她对这些新陈述的回应。This responsive document is called aReply将其与被告人的


What if there is a problem in theComplaintthat theDefendantwants to resolve immediately?例如,如果争端应该在另一个法院提起呢?而不是提交回答,这个Defendant也可以选择对Complaint.Preliminary Objections are the Pennsylvania equivalent of what many places call a"驳回动议。”A preliminary objection asks the court to look at some procedural or legal defect in theComplaint.

After thePlaintiff以及Defendant已归档概要讨论初步反对意见金宝搏网址,法院将作出决定。除非在罕见的情况下,法庭把所有Complaint,你应该期待在法院规则之后恢复上述程序。


如果你是Plaintiffthinking 金宝搏网址about filing aComplaint,我建议你先和律师谈谈。While you can represent yourself,your odds of success are much better with alitigator站在你这边指导你完成整个过程。

同样地,if you have just been served with aComplaint在警长办公室,I recommend seeking legal assistance立即.This is not one of those times that you can bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away.After a违约判决已输入,保护自己的选择很少。

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