The COVID-19 Relief Pennsylvania Small Business Assistance Program is not brand new. Initially, it was anticipated to have four rounds of grants lasting until October 2020. The CARES Act passed in late March is providing the funding. $96 million has already been distributed with about $104 million remaining for small businesses.


宾夕法尼亚州联邦接受了$ 3.9十亿的援助从federal CARES Actfor the coronavirus pandemic. In May, the Pennsylvania General Assembly directed $175 million of that aid to the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) to provide help to renters and homeowners struggling to make ends meet. Of that $175 million, $150 million

2020年4月24日,众议院签署的薪水保护工程和卫生保健加强法(以下简称“PPP和HCE法”或“法”)成为法律。以下是关于这个新的$ 484十亿法一些亮点。

薪水保护计划Gets More Funding

人民党和HCE法案包括$ 310十亿在额外资金